My name is Angeles Blanco I'm Brazilian, I'm an architect but always had the good fortune to work on several areas that allowed me to express my creativity.

In Brazil I worked as an architect and the great dream derealizar my own projects, led me to discover the fascination of working as a jeweler.

In 1989, I moved to Barcelona, ​​and my love affair with the art of jewelry got bigger when I won two years of scholarship Ayuntament of Catalonia in the Taller del Pueblo Workshop Nou.

While I attended school, I created along with two other producer friends "Falu" where we produced jewelry made of buttons, we organized parties, fashion shows, fairs and nightclubs decor.

In 1993 I moved to Copenhagen and, although I have worked in other areas, jewelry and photography have never ceased to be part of my life.

this page is a sample of my work

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